Problems, problems, problems Probletronics is the science of problems and their associated solutions.

The fundamental particle of problems is the probletron. It has an associated anti-particle (solution) called the solutron. As might be expected, the encounter of a probletron and a solutron can result in annihilation of the probletron.

However, both particles have a property called complexity.

If for example, a simple probletron encounters a complex solutron, the result is not, as might be imagined, a solution, but a shower of new probletrons. A similar, but worse situation results when both particles are complex. In this case, there is still a shower of new probletrons, but also the solutron absorbs vast amounts of energy, generally preventing the creation of new, and hopefully more effective solutions.

Both particles are unstable. Probletrons will, if left alone long enough, just evaporate away. Complex solutrons, however, if left alone, will spontaneously decay into new probletrons.

Probletronics has many real-world applications, especially in the realm of software development.

This is due to the first, and indeed only law of probletronics.

Keep It Simple, Stupid.